Saturday, November 25, 2017

Go organic snacks

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I am always on the hunt to find nice snacks for my husband's work lunch. Go orgranics are little tasty treats that are perfect. I love that they are natural flavors and have no preservatives.  We were sent two boxes for our honest review and we enjoyed the nice fruity taste. YUM! I also enjoy a quick snack when I am working on my crochet so these are perfect for Moms too!  I did receive our products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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The perfect snack for the Holidays #Welch

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We were sent a couple of boxes of Welch's fruit snacks for our honest review. These are the perfect snack to pack in my husband's lunches for work or for a quick snack for myself as I am going about my day. They have a great fruity taste and our made with natural sources. They have the wonderful flavor that Welch's has faithfully been giving us for decades :) I did receive our product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The app that can change your life

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No matter where you are at you can carry your Bible with you and read portions of the Bible anywhere you are at, at anytime with the #FREE app. You can load it right onto your mobile phone. I love this app because I can "LISTEN" to my Bible. Sometimes I put headphones on or slip it in my pocket and just listen to the Bible as I am cleaning the house. The Bible is the greatest Book ever written and so many have drawn strength and increased their Faith by studying the Bible. What a great way to have little ones learn the Bible stories too! I remember when I was a child my Dad would gather all his children around him and we would have "family altar" 

I am so glad my parents took the time to teach all of their children to love Jesus and took us to church. Here is my big family I am the little girl sitting on my mother's lap :)

Free app below

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Organizing my life this Fall

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Now that summer is over and Fall is right around the bend I start to reorganize my life and plan for the winter and the year. My starting point covers 3 areas 
Record keeping for appointments
Organizing my home and life
and Storing all my stuff!

There is a lot to be said for babysteps. 

I get a good calendar, I clean out closets and pantries and start to figure out what to do with what remains. I like to walk around with a box and if it doesn't fit our life it is donated. 
I also don't get so involved in planning that nothing ever gets done. A daily activity list of #MUST DO's helps a lot such as always do the dishes and at least one load of laundry. I also like to include my food intake to keep on my diet as well as doing something "fun" everyday. I like to crochet so that is something I do daily even if it is just for a few minutes. Watching a funny show daily helps too as laughter is good medicine for the soul and a Happy person gets a lot more done. Finally, I plan for new things I want to learn. I am always going to school, so to speak as I will take a few things I want to learn and try to master them and then build on them over the years. Sometimes I pick one thing or 8 like I was attending real school less or more depending on what is going on in my life. This keeps me busy and happy and fresh. Example I may say I want to learn how to sew this year, etc.. and buy a few books, watch a few youtubes, and pull out my sewing machine and start to purchase anything I will need to master the art. I put all this in my calendar and just take some babysteps and learn a little everyday or week and by the end of the year I have a new skill!  I look forward to Fall and the changes, It's a great way to give yourself a new outlook and get moving in a good positive direction. 

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hy Conrad Book Review

       I have been a lover of mysteries since I was a kid. I remember traveling to Pennsylvania Dutchland where my Grandparents lived  and having my Grandma remark how "good" I was because all I did was read. Well, things haven't changed much I still do an enormous amount of reading and I am a sucker for cozy Mysteries. I loved Hy Conrad's Toured To Death Cozy Mystery. Hy Conrad is a favorite author of mine anyway and this book did not disappoint. Amy and her Mom run a travel agent but more than that in this book they are doing a live murder mystery. What fun! The book for me was fun and lively I enjoyed how as you were probably hoping... we did have death hit the scene and then all the guests really had a lot more on their hands than a simple game. As the book progresses Amy ends up back in the city playing detective. I found this book delightful and charming if you are a Cozy mystery junkie you will love it! One thing I want to mention here too is that Hy Conrad, the author wrote the Monk series. Definitely a big thumbs up for this book!

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I am addicted to planners!

“•December 8th•  This week I'm stepping away from my #passionplanner in lieu of my #bulletjournal.  It's a super hectic week and looking at a weekly spread…”:       I am so addicted to planners it is insane! I gave up purchase planners as I was doing planners scrapbook style way before it became a thing.. It all started with a crayon and paper.. I grew up working in my Dad's printing company and when I could move I was given a sheet of paper and that is where it all began. I have a unique system that can go from a professional planner to my system to a homemade notebook.. all planners and papers end up in my filing cabinet system decorated or not. - Decorating are the fun days .... but I admit as a professional some days I just go with it. 

Here is what I like to do .. 

When I scrapbook my planners ... I like to decorate a year ahead of time so when I get to the day it's done. 

I just buy a regular notebook and then filler paper and this way it stays cheap and I can file all my pages - Although I do buy planners sometimes too (Don't we all!) 

I have "books" since I work from my home these days it makes it gives me much more time to indulge in my hobby. In the past I'd stick some stickers or draw in my planner while working in my office.  I have many planners - homesteading, My books. Then I break them down example homesteading book turns into chicken planner,  cat  planner..guinea pigs.. my cookbooks breaking down to desserts, etc.. And I can decorate them all! Then file them in my filing cabinet and pull them out as needed.  It's nice not having a boss saying why did you paste kitties all over your invoices haaa and if I make a copy for a company just imagine the responses? Decorate everything.. please skip Marriage and birth certificates unless you copy and decorate those! 

Mainly I work from about 5 planners a day..My schedule - my to do book (yep, it's a book!!!) one planner just won't do it for me as we do a lot of things around here and as I get older .. with that frantic call from my son.. Mom, where is my birth certificate.. ? I end up having planners for others too.. phone numbers.. aunt betsy died can you call.. aunt so and so .. you'd be surprised at the things we find ourselves storing that we can turn into a scrapbook.. phone lists, etc..I can just go to my filing system and pull it out. It actually is LESS time then sorting and looking and everything can be decorated even if it is just drawing :) 

I believe I inherited all this from my Dad who was a engineer and lined up his spices in alphabetic order.. growing up in a strict German family order was the word.. unlike me -though I was the boss' secretary in many jobs in my younger days - I was THAT secretary with things moving all around me -people, phones, etc.. and my desk was a big mound and the boss would say I'd need this right now and I'd pull it right out of the pile and hand it to him,  these days it is a combination.. (see you thought I was perfect!) order and chaos. Planners keep me in order and I try to keep it simple so it starts at my planner which then goes to the file to when I need it again :) I make my own because my filing cabinet  is my life in a box My big old filing cabinet (and you can have more than one too! and even paint it and put stickers on it! My system it's HARD COPY. If you have the internet crash you will appreciate the good old hard copy. It's my artbox - One big box full of my art work too! Hope this brings some new ideas for you planner lovers and hope to see you create your own giant art box and system! Tweet me on twitter @R47R and tell me about what you do and share your art with me! 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

how to bake poached eggs

I am having poached eggs tonight guess how I am  making them?

So easy to make here is how

put approx 1 tablespoon of water in each cup
crack one egg in ecah cup 
Bake for 10 minute (watch as each stove temperature may be different)
bake at 350

take out using a slotted spoon 

You can mix it up too by scrambling or just doing egg whites! 

I am serving our dinner with toast and cornbeef hash! 

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