Thursday, September 22, 2016

The app that can change your life

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No matter where you are at you can carry your Bible with you and read portions of the Bible anywhere you are at, at anytime with the #FREE app. You can load it right onto your mobile phone. I love this app because I can "LISTEN" to my Bible. Sometimes I put headphones on or slip it in my pocket and just listen to the Bible as I am cleaning the house. The Bible is the greatest Book ever written and so many have drawn strength and increased their Faith by studying the Bible. What a great way to have little ones learn the Bible stories too! I remember when I was a child my Dad would gather all his children around him and we would have "family altar" 

I am so glad my parents took the time to teach all of their children to love Jesus and took us to church. Here is my big family I am the little girl sitting on my mother's lap :)

Free app below

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